Frequently asked questions of KINGDO product about after-sales service
2020 / 12 / 09

1. How to verify the authenticity of your products?

Call the national service hotline 400-000-1065 to check the authenticity of the product.

2. Are the products in the store original ?

We guarantee 100% original products, please rest assured to buy.

3. How long is the free warranty service for your products? What are the requirements?

(1) Products purchased through KINGDO official channels can enjoy 1 year free warranty service.
(2) The free warranty service does not include the consumable parts and accessories that need to be replaced from time to time (such as beauty instrument multi-function head, cleansing brush head, etc.), auxiliary devices, transportation fees and maintenance personnel on-site service fees.
(3) Man-made damage, improper use, or using the wrong charger to cause burn-up of main board are not covered by the warranty.

4. What should I do if the machine breaks down?

If the product breaks down, please stop using it immediately, and contact customer service as soon as possible for replacement or repair, please do not attempt to repair by yourself or continue to use it.