Skin Care Begins By Washing Your Face
2020 / 12 / 09
Beautiful women always can attract the attention of people around them. whether she has an exquisitely life, does not depend on the material she has, but the attitude toward life. the exquisite life should come from the heart and be reflected in action. In terms of cleansing, the true exquisite woman is always very particular about it, which is ture with our branding-Never settle forever.

Big data perspective Analysis: want to cleansing face in healthy way, It's not a simple thing.

According to the well-known research organization Kantar Consumer Index -the facial cleansing products are one of the most frequently used products by Chinese women every week, and their use frequency is as high as 89%, which is the sub-category of skincare products with the highest penetration rate.
In addition, as more and more women move towards exquisite skin care, their demand for cleansing products is also high. This can be evidenced by the data released by Ali and CBN Data. According to data, from 2019 to 2020, facial cleansing products are firmly in the forefront of the entire online skin care product sales.

Facial cleansing has become a rigid demand, and the market scale is also expanding. However, in recent years, from the full view on cosmetics market, the brands focusing on and researching the sub-category of cleansing have become less and less, among the new brands entering the market, there are also few brands that use cleansing as an entry point.
Investigate its reason, basically have two points: on the one hand, although facial cleanser is a basic product, but it carries higher technology and more professional consumer demand; On the other hand, in terms of research and development, the more basic the product, the more difficult it is to innovate.     

Kingdo, Redefine "Cleansing"

In order to make sure every user can effectively cleansing and protect the skin barrier while washing the face,KINGDO 
Innovatively put forward the concept of "adsorption-type - healthy cleansing", applying the concept of adsorption-type to the principle of facial cleansing instrument, using the healthy way of adsorption to cleanse the skin.
KINGDO took 15 years from the idea to the actualization. In terms of material research, we joined hand with world-renowned top experts in material research and development to focus on the research and development of nanoporous materials with adsorption function. We use highly absorbent nanoporous materials to make an adsorption cleansing brush to ensure that each bristle has effective adsorption power.
At the same time, in order to prevent the bristles hurting the pores, we reject chemical corrosion and adhere to the physical polishing method to polish the brush head of the cleansing device into an circular arc shape, and the diameter of the bristles is always larger than the diameter of the pores, which prevents any damage to our skin when washing the face. 
Although facial cleansing is a simple matter on our life, but its must be done in a professional manner.Skin Care Begins By Washing Your Face, we did it.- KINGDO