Principle of adsorption cleanser

Absorption cleansing

Contains 4 million adsorption factors

KINGDO facial cleansing brush is made of highly absorbent nano-porous materials. Each bristles has about 200 solid nano adsorption factors, and a brush head has 20,000 bristles, then a brush head has about 4,000,000 adsorption factors. And each adsorption factor contains thousands of micropores, one micropore has a diameter of 10-200 nanometers (about 1% of the diameter of the hair), which has a large specific surface area to makes the bristles produce capillary phenomenon and achieve the adsorption function and effectively adsorbs the dirt on the skin even in the pores.

Protect the skin barrier

KINGDO adheres to the method of physical polishing method to polish the tail of the bristles into an arc shape and refuses strong alkali corrosion and staining.The bristles diameter are greater than or equal to 0.06mm (pore diameter 0.02mm-0.05mm) ,so that the bristles do not damage the pores and protect the skin barrier.

Safe and antibacterial

DINGDO injects silver ion antibacterial agent into each bristles, so that the bristles are not easy to breed bacteria even in a moist environment and avoid secondary damage to the skin.